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Re: Staff core requirements

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Staff Qualifications and requirements
  • Must have a working mic - you do not have to always talk
  • Must act maturely and maintain a positive attitude
  • Must have at LEAST 500 hours Garry's Mod time on record (steam not in-game) - few exceptions
  • Must have at LEAST 48 hours in-game
  • CAN NOT be biased or discriminate
  • Must be able to keep calm and handle yourself professionally under stressful situations
  • Must be able to speak fluent English
  • Must have ulx/command experience as well as prior staff experience - few exceptions
  • Must have experience with Tommy's damagelogs
  • Must maintain activity, will be highly reconsidered in the future with advanced notice.
  • Subject to change/addendums

- To get Trial Moderator
You must submit a Staff application form that needs to be reviewed and accepted by one of the Owners/Staff Managers
Your application must have at least one reference that has given your post +1 with a reason as to why you would be a good T-Mod.

- To get Moderator
You must have been a T-Mod for at least 1 week.
After this one week period, a staff member will view your progress and if there were no valid complaints made by other staff, you will be promoted.
Any reports of admin abuse during your time as a T-Mod may delay your promotion to Moderator by an additional 1-2 weeks depending on the time needed to review the report.
You must be evidently active and involved on the server

- To get Administrator

Subject to server demand and setting an exemplary example
The Head Admin or Staff Manager will review your progress and determine whether or not Administrator is suited to you at that time.
You must be evidently active and involved on the server

Any ranks above Administrator are not automatically given out regardless of time. The decision to promote someone to a higher rank than Administrator will be discussed between Owners/Staff Managers of SMD-Gaming for the most qualified candidates.


- As a Trial-Moderator:
As a T-Mod you may be demoted at any given time including the 1 week trial period.
You have 0 strikes as a T-Mod meaning that if there is even ONE valid report of admin abuse against you, you will be demoted immediately.
You can and will be demoted if you decide to play and disregard rdm management . (The whole point of the 1 week trial period is to review how well you can Moderate, not an initiation!)
During your 1 week trial, you can't be inactive for more than 2 days. (If you need a period of time off, please notify one of the Owners/Staff Managers/Head Admins via Discord PM's)

- As a Moderator:
Once there has been a valid report against you, you will be immediately demoted straight back to T-Mod where you will go through the 1 week Trial period once again. (Please note that during this Re-Trial you will be heavily monitored and will be instantly demoted to User if a mistake is made during this period)
If you will be inactive for more than 1 week you must notify an Owner/Head Admin/Staff Manager via Forum PM's or you will be demoted to T-Mod for the Re-Trial.

- As an Administrator:
The first valid report against you will not cause a demotion, however you will be heavily monitored, and spoken to by one of the Owners/Head Admins/Staff Manager for a warning.
If further valid reports are made against you after your strike was taken, you will be demoted back to Moderator where you will have to wait 1 month before being re-considered for Admin rank again.
Please note that you will drop 1 rank each time a valid report is made against you after your strike is gone.
If you will be inactive for an extended period you must notify an Owner/Head Admin/Staff Manager via Forum PM's or you will be demoted to Moderator.

Important Additional Notes:
Everything Listed here can be altered to better suit the circumstances. (Everything should come as common sense)
This is a work in progress, Please feel free to leave suggestions and opinions

If you do not meet these requirements you will be denied or your application will be put on hold depending on what is lacking.

-I'm Pants

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